ActiveWire USB Linux Software

Here you will find programs for the ActiveWire USB proto board. The linux support that is available on the company website is 2.2 kernel or earlier, and no longer works on modern systems. These simple apps will get the job done on a 2.6 kernel, provided that all the necessary libraries are in place. The user space applications are complete and have been tested on my fedora systems. There is also a simple kernel driver included that is nowhere near to done, so do not try to use it... Read the README file for information about hotplugging and downloading the firmware with awusb_down.

UPDATE (11/22/04): I bought my own board, so after 1.5 years of inactivity, the user space applications are working again.... Sorry for the lapse, but I was in school and had no access to the boards, and no funds to buy my own.


  • source for awusb_down, a simple firmware downloader app
  • source for awusb_test, an app to test the board functionality (I/O port direction change and read/write)
  • firmware files in hex format provided by ActiveWire
  • a README by me and documentation from ActiveWire and Cypress



  • 11/22/04 version 2.0 released
  • 03/17/03 site moved to
  • 07/30/02 added a doc section and cleaned up a bit, no functional changes
  • 07/29/02 tar file available for download on my website

  • this software is open source under the GPL, see details in tarball.

  • use the bug tracker or the user forums on the sourceforge site for support. Logo